flotsam, there is something wrong with me

I need a roof for my cubicle

Twice a week (on paper: holidays, vacation, bad weather and other business travel notwithstanding) I sit in the Wilmington office. It’s a quiet work environment (relative to other offices, not compared to working at home). There are 2 people who sit near me and if the ventilation system didn’t rattle and make that metallic squeak overhead (makes my teeth ache a bit) it would be kind of nice here…No snifflers! No slurpy-crunchers of apples! No chewers of mints or nibblers of sunflower seeds in shells. 

My misophonia is not killing me here, and I’m so glad. So. Glad 

Oh, but the lights. I am not used to these lights!

You’d think these nice bright lights would be great because low light is that much harder on my aging eyes. 

But no, not so much. 

Too bright. Too fluorescent. Too much. 

All I need is a dimmer. Or prescription reading sunglasses. Or a roof for my cubicle!

At least I remembered my reading glasses, because it’s always a bad eye day in Wilmington. 

But there’s no sniffler. Win.