flotsam, there is something wrong with me

Happy blank new year

So we’re well into January and I haven’t even posted an obligatory “this year I’m going to blog” blog.

Mostly that’s because there are so many things I want to say lately — uncharacteristically political things, or frustrations with social injustice things, or musings on life and love and loss — but none of that wants to crystallize at present.

Too much to say becomes nothing to say, if I can’t articulate it even for myself.

So I could blog, I suppose, about more traditionally flotsam-y topics: hopes to see the friends I miss, the joys of time spent with my family and impending fun with my nieces (who cannot possibly be growing up this fast); the progress in my much-needed workout program, the trips planned and hoped for this year…

These things will probably come sooner than later. But not today.

Today I’m feeling a little too.. blank inside https://youtu.be/CPeyfTPxfaE