I think NyQuil changed their formula again.  I suspect this because I recall beautiful, technicolor dreams in the past,but now I’m consistently having nightmares.  The first night, lost already, the second something to do with my Mom (fuzzy, but anyway she’s ok in real life), then an issue with renting and apartment in a rush, and last night…

Well last night was almost familiar.  I have the dream periodically that I am alone at home (or house sitting).  I sweep through to check that everything is locked and something isn’t. Usually it’s just the uncertainty- how long has this been unlocked and could someone have accessed it/be in the house with me? 

But last night the window had been closed when I went through, and was now open. I would not have opened a window. 

The scream produced no sound.

 I dialed 911, already second guessing myself when I haven’t seen anyone but knowing someone must be there, backing myself to a wall so no one could come up behind.  On tv they always come up behind….

I should get out.  I should text my BIL, my dad, while I call the police.  

I should have a code that tells them whether to come, or to call 911 for me in case I can’t, or both. 

I wake up, which is better still.