When work calls me north…

I seem to have landed well, post acquisition. A good team, a good boss, able to fit in enough that the ways I differ are viewed as additive not problematic. 

If there’s one thing I don’t love about it,  though, it’s that the rest of my team is based in NYC. Which means periodically I have to go to NYC. 

In theory, I love the energy and the diversity and the culture. In theory, it’s fabulous.  

In reality, it’s loud and overwhelming and exhausting

For me, anyway. Your mileage may vary. 

The Christmasy gold-and-silver lining to that, however, is that trips to NYC means drive-time calls and evenings in NJ seeing friends I’ve missed Very Much Indeed.  

Nice to spend my commute catching up with S. Fun to watch home movies with V. and L. and V. and M. Great to spend an evening with L. and A. and little S. 

So much for me to be thankful for!

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Here comes the sun (final hours in Puerto Rico)

It’s just a partial day remaining, and since there isn’t sufficient time to catch a puddle jumper over to Vieques, I opt to just drive and explore for the morning.  

Bright, sunny and beautiful

Driving is a bit more challenging since I can’t really read the signs. But I enjoy it anyway, and there’s no rush because my flight is leisurely hours away. 

It’s a lovely day, but too short. 

Well worth a return visit

exploring and revisiting, flotsam, photography, roadtrips to new-where, travel

Old San Juan (or, When It Rains, It Pours)

The plan for my only full day here includes a walking tour of Old San Juan. I’m up early, knowing I will fight rush hour into the city on my way and not sure where I’ll find parking. As it turns out, there’s a paid lot just 2 blocks from the meeting point. I have time for a macchiato and a small pastry. 

Puerto Rican coffee is so strong that it needs the doctoring. But it’s good.  

Flavors of San Juan puts on a good tour, including an exploration of rum (and piña colada to start the day right). We sample a variety of local cuisines as we walk through the city. It rains in and off (and a magic jacket with bug spray makes me some new friends) as we cross cross the city. Afterward, I trek back to the far side to El Morro….

While the sky just absolutely opens over me. 

Soaked to the skin and resembling a drowned rat, I nevertheless get a photo before trekking back again. 

A rain soaked fortress
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Seasonably warm

There’s a Christmas tree in the lobby of the hotel, decked out in white, and White Christmas playing softly in the background. Of course Christmas is Christmas, even in climates that stay consistently 80ish. To me it feels like I’ve stepped into summer, so the tree and music feel incongruous. 

But whatever the weather, soon we celebrate the newborn King. Hallelujah. 

It rains the kind of passing warm deluge that the tropics are known for in the brief window between my check in and my plan-making for tomorrow. I head out to get dinner and GPS says walking is more efficient. 

It is, if you discount walking past a club that advertises cock fights. Ugh. Cruel much?

So. Wrong.

Still, a delicious mofongo de pollo later, I am thoroughly enjoying Puerto Rico. 

Of course, that might also be the Pinot Gris. 

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Rainy and a cold

It’s raining along the eastern seaboard, at least between NYC down to Baltimore. NYC Edison Wilmington and home. All the places I monitor regularly on my weather app, all the places I find myself with frequency. 

And of course,  at BWI airport, where cold meds and cough drops are masking the plague I’ve been fighting for over a week. The airport is coming to life on a Monday morning. The meds are working, because I can tell that the air is thick with cinnamon and sugar.

 Cinnabon is next to my gate. 

One hour to boarding. 5 hours to arrival.

This is the only day this week it’s expected to stay above freezing but that only makes it sweeter that I found the fare sale when I did. 

Also, I’ve never been to Puerto Rico before. 

Halfway down the frigid air starts to turn warm and pleasant. Breaks in clouds reveal small islands surrounded by jewel tone seas. 

I feel warmer already

And then I am in Puerto Rico, making my way to my hotel, getting checked in and squared away before I start my first explorations. 

Good things to come, I’m sure


I think NyQuil changed their formula again.  I suspect this because I recall beautiful, technicolor dreams in the past,but now I’m consistently having nightmares.  The first night, lost already, the second something to do with my Mom (fuzzy, but anyway she’s ok in real life), then an issue with renting and apartment in a rush, and last night…

Well last night was almost familiar.  I have the dream periodically that I am alone at home (or house sitting).  I sweep through to check that everything is locked and something isn’t. Usually it’s just the uncertainty- how long has this been unlocked and could someone have accessed it/be in the house with me? 

But last night the window had been closed when I went through, and was now open. I would not have opened a window. 

The scream produced no sound.

 I dialed 911, already second guessing myself when I haven’t seen anyone but knowing someone must be there, backing myself to a wall so no one could come up behind.  On tv they always come up behind….

I should get out.  I should text my BIL, my dad, while I call the police.  

I should have a code that tells them whether to come, or to call 911 for me in case I can’t, or both. 

I wake up, which is better still.