Big trees

This BW has mugs that look like they’re from this century, and more importantly for my purposes, to-go cups. I get a cup of coffee and head just down the road and into redwood forest. 

Pictures won’t convey the massive size of the trees, the awesome peaceful stillness, the strangeness of feeling as if one is surrounded forever by this forest, only to turn a corner and be back at the open shoreline. 

hard to convey size, but the knot in the tree there is considerably bigger than my hand

I visit a couple of the state redwoods parks and scenic drives, one a single-lane, barely-paved road that hugs the cliffsides over the coast. Both gorgeous and harrowing, which has been something of a trend in places along the way. 

Then I track back up to scenic 199 north into the heart of Oregon. I make another twisting sidebar to Oregon Caves. I stop in Ashland and have an excellent dinner at Standung Stone Brewery (foregoing a play in light of my schedule for tomorrow) before heading to the HI-Medford for the night. Which feels like the height of luxury after my last two hotels