Coastal drive, part 2

Did I mention the walls are paper thin at the BW-Lincoln City? If the neighbors’ conversations last night were irksome, their morning activities are more bothersome. 

Time to hit the road. Seriously

Or so you’d think if the breakfast area had a single to-go cup and didn’t smell of old eggs. Or any eggs, actually. Blech!

I leave and head down the road, diverting to get coffee (1st cafe not found, 2nd cafe closed, 3rd nonexistent … Oh I  I a foul mood in short order)

But then I stumble into an open restaurant and decide that a proper coffee stop can only help me to reset this day. 

yes. exactly.
Friendly service and a delicious breakfast (and coffee, oh, COFFEE) later, I resume my southward trek. 

A few miles down the road I stop (as I always do) at the scenic outlook and find that there’s a whale passing by. You know, just swimming by off the shore right in front of me. So cool!

The Oregon coast is, in short, breathtakingly beautiful. 

Late in the day I cross into California, and overnight at the BW-Crescent Ciry. It’s more a motel than hotel, and I find myself compelled to stack my bag in front of the door for my own peace of mind. (Stop laughing at me Sis, I know I’m odd). But it faces the water, and is mere minutes from redwood forests, my first goal for tomorrow, which makes it just fine for a night’s stay.