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A fine first night

The HI-Seattle has all the usual: clean bedding, free wifi. But whether because they’re standard in that locale or because I’ve been upgraded to resolve a snafu,  there are surprises. Like a fully appointed kitchen.  Like that the third floor is ground level. Like that some rooms have a patio/balcony (I come back from dinner to find it open, prompting a rapid scan of every nook of the room for unwanted company before settling in). And finally, like the gas fireplace.

I sleep very well indeed, and am up and refreshed for check out and a tour in the morning.

Not your every day stay

3 thoughts on “A fine first night”

    1. Actually (shh!) I’m not anymore. I was in the Seattle-Portland areas for a short stint of mostly road time … and if I hadn’t ended up needing to cut my trip short during the Portland section, I would have reached out to try to meet up with you and the lovely Missus. 🙂 Next time, though 🙂

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