Somehow I always manage to be in some other part of the world when big important things happen. So, sans ability to rejigger my flights around, I am here when I should be there. 

There will be words about here in due time, but for today, my heart is with my friends there. They are saying goodbye to a woman I am honored to have known. A woman who loved the Lord and shared His love with those around her. She loved and served and He has built a legacy of their family. 

I know today she is with her Lord, happy and healed and whole with Jesus, reunited in that joy with her husband and so many others who have gone before, worshipping and rejoicing. 

I am happy for her. I am thankful for her. And I sorrow with those who will miss her presence here. 

To my dear friends:

I wish I had better words. She, and you, deserve them. 

I’m sorry I can’t be there. I am, in my heart 

I love you all very much.