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At last

… I have booked my stays all over the Pacific Northwest, for my next roadtrip to New-Where later this year. 

And that will cap out my visits to 50 states. 
I didn’t know when I booked my travel how much else might be going on here with my folks and their home search process. So much is unpredictable, but exciting (if I’m sure that feels sometimes more like ‘stressful’). 

But there we have it. At last I’ve got a trip booked for this year. At last I am getting to my last 2 states. And at last I’ve got the logistics of that worked out. 


2 thoughts on “At last”

  1. You go! I remember when you first created your travel map on your website, with the visited states filled with the color red. There were a lot of states to be filled in. It wasn’t that long ago. You have filled them all in. Congratulations. Safe travels, my friend.


  2. To be correct, the states you hadn’t yet visited were the ones in red, not the other way around. My bad.


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