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I was overdue to take a trip, really. I bought the house, and spent the better part of the intervening time making it home. In the midst of new homeownership and the foibles of mergers & acquisitions at work, vacation has taken a back seat.

Even though I have tons of vacation time coming. Even though I am opposed, on moral grounds, to giving back time. (That’s part of my compensation; they don’t get to keep money I didn’t use this year, so why should I let them take back time? Short answer: I shouldn’t.)

Well, the situation being what it is, taking off is actually challenging. And without a plan…

Well, without a plan, nothing happens at all.

So this week, I started making the plan. I got the time off. I booked the flights. I am going to the Pacific Northwest, and checking the last two states off my US list.

And that makes me happy.

still have to visit 2 states (4%)
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