Cats will be cats

Cats don’t come when you call. 

Cats nap in the afternoon. In quiet underbed nooks where you probably won’t see them. 

None of this would matter if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m looking in on a cat while her family is away.  On the previous visits, she showed up to check me (and the food) out when I arrived. She stuck around to demand some attention. 

Today she didn’t appear. No response to pouring of food, provision of water. I looked around for her to no avail. I called for her, and then realized the futility of that. Because cat. A rather skittish, shy cat.  

But not seeing her made me worry. And she is a deeply loved cat, so I went back this evening. Please God let her be ok. Let her just have been curled up sleeping earlier. 

But I got there and she hadn’t touched the fresh food or water yet. 

So I went on a more extensive, but quiet search. 

Yeah. Asleep under little girl’s bed. Came out to ask for a pet and a belly rub and a stretch. 

She’s fine, thank you God, and I feel worlds better knowing that.