Fast forward

Monday starts with a start, when I realize that I didn’t set my alarms correctly when I went to bed.  I wake up, not sure but feeling like I’ve overslept.  

I have, though mercifully only by 20 minutes.  I hurry through the morning body ritual of the Nacirema, and still have time for a quick morning coffee with my friend before going to face the traffic and the day, meetings, dental appointment, lunch with a friend, tasks and to-dos. 

Tuesday I awaken ahead of the alarm. Coffee with my friend to start the day, preparations for Wednesday’s meeting and the long slow fights with uncooperative technology, then dinner with another friend, my packing mirrors theirs on a smaller scale, movie night at the house, but for some reason I am too tired to even finish the much-beloved  Ryan-Hanks feature.

Wednesday I want to fight the alarm, but I don’t. I am packed to go and sipping coffee when my friend comes out, having stayed up later to finish the movie and probably worked on the packing. In a little while sons 2&3 join us; a special treat and the younger bounding down in his uniquely exuberant way. (Smiling to think about it.) 

The day flies by, the long anticipated meeting comes and goes with only moderately more clarity.  Lunch worked through at my desk. Dinner with more friends I’ve missed. 

Driving home, the long journey this time, good, long talks and multiple dropped calls (“Can you hear me now? Hello? Hello?” Ugh, no.) 

The last 45 minutes of the driving in the rain. 

Arriving home, all joy and relief in both the close of the trek and the parking space awaiting me. 

Settling in, unpacking, technically Thursday when I realize it is trash day, back out I go to be the responsible grown up. 

Then at last, I can settle into pjs and fall at last to sleep. 

It was a good trip, all in all.