Thanksgiving in June

It is Sunday night, not Friday morning, as I write this.  This morning my parents left and my sister and I chatted and I came north and talked to one friend en route and visited with my friends this evening and made plans to see another in a couple of days before I head home and now I am laying in the quiet of my friends’ house, with a full and glad heart.  

I was already going to be back in my old neighborhood (and the office) for a few days before picking up another project. 

The new project meant extending my stay  another day, and my friends are as always abundantly gracious to me about it, taking me in for another night even though there is so much else on their schedules and in their own lives to attend to (and yet never for a moment are they anything but welcoming). 

Thankful for them and their gracious hospitality to me, thankful for the job that provides for my life at home and lets me live near people I love and still come back and visit people I love, for my family who loves and looks out for me there, and for these friends and family who welcome me again and again, thankful for so much I have received and could never have deserved. I am so blessed; thank you Lord.