A drink and a think before packing

Pausing in the bar in a New Orleans hotel for the free drink the hotel offered me, the news is on the big screen, the press and the nation awaiting Hillary to speak and I assume to accept the Democratic nomination. 

I have a host of feelings that are not very coherent on that issue.

This country needs a female leader, culturally. But this one is hard for me to get behind. Hillary for prison?

Though on the other hand, it was culturally important to have had a black president, and that hasn’t made us any less divided, hasn’t solved the issues of bias and suspicion and feelings of disenfranchisement. 

If Trump is really the only alternative, does that change my view? Is Trump running at all a decoy to press our hands about her, a massive Gotcha! for the American people?

Did it start that way and has taken Ina life of its own?

Her speech is good overall; but Sanders hasn’t conceded yet. And my thoughts are too heavy for me. I think I should go pack up and head home.