Visibly Awkward

My company sent me to a conference. I attended last year. It’s very relevant to a fair number of constituents at the office.

I’m sitting on a stair outside the networking reception. I’m sipping the Chardonnay they offered and nibbling on berries and watching the hubbub in the ballroom. It is deafening, even from out here. 

I did the thing, I circled the room and struck up a few conversations but now I just want to sit on a stair, with my wine.

A few other notes for the day…

Starting the day seeing my sister was nice.

I didn’t need anything like the time they asked for to clear security (thank God). 

Thanks to my Amazon addiction, I am a gold member at this hotel. They upgraded me to a suite. It’s fabulous. 

It’s also cold because they are compensating for the heat and humidity outside.

Ok, I’m going to go make myself do the visibly awkward social thing for a bit. Wish me luck!

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