Rats. I’m not sleeping. 

I need to start sleeping.

OK I do sleep. I need to start sleeping more than three hours a night. I need to not be awake to all hours, restless and thinking about what may be scurrying out back. Worrying that every barking dog is barking at some new horror headed to my place. Starting to get jumpy, like every settling of the blanket is something on me, the start of an encroachment into the house.

(Which is not a thing that has happened. I pray by grace that it won’t. That doesn’t make me able to sleep any better though. I will admit that I’m not all that rational in the small hours. Especially when it’s nights after nights of not sleeping.)

Vermin. Varmints. Of the very worst kind. (Shudder)

I might have to pave that whole backyard. 😩

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