Snowed in. Or out, as the case may be

As what would prove to be record-breaking snows approached, my sister and her husband prepared not only for their own storm survival, but made plans for mine. They invited me to hunker down at their place, my sister picking me up so that I wouldn’t have to park on the street (getting cleared out will be challenging enough without potentially blocking the work of plows). 

The snow started Friday afternoon, and didn’t end until Saturday night. The Washington Post had an update around 3:30PM reporting snowfalls in my town of  33 inches, and it was still falling then.  I haven’t been able to get there to see it yet – I might not until Monday or so – but we’re just a few minutes away, here at my sister’s, so that sounds about right.

I’m antsy to know how my place fared. Hopeful I kept power — most did, it seems, thank God — hopeful my roof and pipes are OK, that somewhere under all the snow my pond pump is happily pumping away, and that home will be home when I return to clear out my car, my walkway, Lord help me, all those steps…

Secondary roads aren’t cleared yet, let alone at-best-tertiary roads like mine, so I will have to be patient a bit longer. Worrying about the difficulties that plowing-in or melting and refreezing may cause are useless; I can’t get there to do anything about it. So I wait, just thankful for my family, warm shelter and warm hearts, and for the hard work of those out clearing safe paths for the rest of us… and I hope my friends up and down the seaboard are safe and warm as well.

Take care, my friends.




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  1. About 28 inches here . . . the wind made it a lot worse. The snow drifts were so high our cars were literally buried, with only the barest of roof showing. I went out a few times on Saturday to try to clear the snow, but it was no use. It was the first time I’ve ever felt beaten back by the snow. It was chest high! What a storm. What a recovery. Here it is Wednesday night, and I have a clear path in the driveway, enough to load the car with 6 more boxes of books (which I haven’t read) to bring over across town to our soon to be new home.


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