A year of transitions: 2015 in review

Let’s recap what happened over here in 2015 (and why you haven’t been able to get any kind of regular blogging out of me of late)…

Major Work Transitions

Starting in January, my department was put through a restructure.

  • It was supposed to take a max of 90 days. Apparently those 90 days were non-consecutive. At the mid-year mark, they’d only gotten as far as figuring out the direction they wanted things to go, and not about actual roles and the people in them. That was to be a work in ongoing progress (sigh). However, two days after that non-announcement…

In July, my company announced intentions to be acquired by one of our competitors.

  • The deal is scheduled to close in Q1 2016. In the interim, it’s been 6 months of upheaval and confusion.
  • With scant days left in 2015 I’ve learned (a) that I still have a position and (b) where in the new organization I will, in theory, fit. Which is, at long last, very good news.
    (Further transitions expected ahead, of course.)

Major Life Transitions

In October, I closed on my first home.

The look of my previous apartment, at present.
  • Yep, I bought a townhouse. I cannot recommend the mortgage process by any stretch of the imagination, though it is often a necessary (dare I say) evil in the course of acquiring a home. (Incidentally, I ALSO recommend AGAINST anyone EVER smoking, considering what-all I’ve had to do to get my new home into livable condition. And that’s just because of what smoking did to their environment. It’s just unfathomable what it was doing to their bodies along the way.)
  • So now I am a homeowner for the first time ever, which is a bit of a mental shift. A good one, but a shift nonetheless.
  • I’m also soon to be a full-time resident of a new state, for the first time in (mumble) years.
  • Due to the aforementioned smoking issues from the previous owners, from closing to present, I’ve been in the midst of ongoing renovation processes in my new not-quite-home-yet.
  • I’ve also been maintaining a dual living arrangement, with my primary residence (and my job several days per week) still in NJ and my new almost-home (and the remainder of my work week) just a hop skip and jump from my sister’s place, slightly farther south.
  • Tomorrow will be my final day as a permanent resident of NJ. I will take the last remnants of my belongings, do my walk through, and turn in the keys. Hereafter, work days in NJ will be supported through the gracious hosting of dear friends and the settling in process in my New Home (and New State) can begin.  This is all very good, very exciting news.
    (And of course, it also means further transitions ahead.)


My 2015 was a year of transitions… How would you characterize your 2015?

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  1. Congratulations on your new home and the good news at work. Lots of hard work went into all that. 2015 was a blur for me. 2016 will be a year of transition (literally) for me, too. Time to start collecting boxes for a lot of books. That I never read.


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