Maybe just “OK” would work

I realized last month that I’d spent the prior month sounding like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons. I exclaimed “Okely Dokely!” with abandon. Until I’d officially used it once too often (as evidenced by my boss asking me to stop that).

I’ve since managed to get it down to “Okido” (Oh-key-doe) and that’s what I’ve been saying reflectively for the last few weeks.

But really, “OK” would probably work just as well, donchathink?

In other news, things with the move are moving along. Truck is being picked up early Saturday morning and helpers can start helping around 8:30/9:00. Hoping to have the truck back on the road and headed south by noon. (Totally trying not to stress about it, but the deadline to get to South Jersey in time to meet more helpers for more stuff before their deadline wears on me.)

How did one friend put it?

“This too will pass.
Slowly and painfully, like a kidney stone. But it WILL pass.”

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