Tucked in and packed up

I don’t like conferences. I like the learning, and the new ideas, and whatnot. But to offset that, I really hate all the networking and small talk and awkward interactions with competitors and of course the added tension of the impending M&A making everything extra sensitive.

Because seriously, I need extra stress and tension at these things. Of course I do. Egad. Why do I come to these? Oh, that’s right. Education and learning. And this particular topic actually being something I care about. Oh, right. I forgot for a moment.

What is surreal about this conference is that I’m mostly surrounded by people in the banking industry. (That’s right: your bank is probably concerned about creating a positive customer experience for you. Or, maybe they are. The ones here are.) What makes this all surreal is that I am actually in the process of getting a mortgage for the first time ever. I feel like I’m a potential case study. But my bank isn’t here. (Which isn’t necessarily to say they don’t care about my experience. I bet they do.) But since they aren’t here to get an earful, I won’t be giving them any feedback about my experience and how they could make it better, at least not until after they come through for me.

Who knows, maybe after that happens I won’t care so much. Like how women supposedly forget the pain of childbirth afterwards. Or maybe I’ll just be too busy adulting.

In other news on this trip, and part and parcel of the conference, I literally cannot remember the last time I made a restrained decision about what to eat, and that isn’t good in any way, shape or form. It especially isn’t good for my shape and form.

Well, tomorrow’s another day, right? Quite possibly a day that won’t include tiramisu or wine or bottomless nachos adding to my increasingly ample bottom?

But the bright spot in all this is that I got to spend the weekend and evenings here, with friends.  If there was more time, more days, I might sit quietly on their couch of an evening, just chilling out and chatting or watching a TV show or a movie and watching the sweetness of their family together, and smiling my happy smile.

But that will have to wait for another visit, for now. Instead I am tucked in and packed up and shortly to be homeward bound –where there are other families and friends dear to my heart.

Conferences and group dynamics and mild social anxiety notwithstanding…

I am abundantly and undeservedly blessed. Thank you, Lord.