3am is no fun

It’s bad enough to wake up at 3AM on a work day and be too unsettled to sleep. Waking up at 3AM and then having a rush of worry only makes it worse.

What are they hiding under the new carpeting in the basement? If the more-likely-to-be-wet side of the basement is finished, how is the home inspector going to be able to tell if there’s water damage or rot underneath? How is the pest inspector going to look for signs of termites? Will they look at the shed too, because if it’s infested the house is next. We never turned on the ceiling fans, or the stove or fireplace (if it’s working), or the sinks… what if the electric or gas or plumbing are a complete mess? What if they don’t find something awful that’s there, and I’m stuck with a house I grow to hate? What if they find things so awful I have to walk away from the place that I already kind of love? What if … what if … what if…

My 3AM worries are the MOST useless. And since having written them I can see that I am very worried about things that might happen and that I’m mentally jumping off bridges I haven’t even come to yet… I think maybe it’s time to go have a bit of quiet time, another prayer for wisdom and for peace (and His will over mine), and then perhaps a bit more sleep.

Because… (gulp) it’s 4am on a workday.