Somewhat surprised, myself

I am doing an alarming amount of adulting just of late. More adulting than I ever even imagined I would do.

It feels strange. The squealing happiness of it when I think about what will be and where it will be and who it will be with is a force to be reckoned with. But then there is the tedium of the normal day making it surreal that this should be so workaday while that is so exciting. And the enormity of the process … or shouldn’t it feel like enormity, or is that part still to come?

And there is also other side, the sadder colors of who it will not be with. The lost ease of the impromptu dinner invitation or just 20 minutes to pop over here or there of a weekend, even if these things did not happen with such great regularity. They sometimes did. They could. They were joyful when they did.

Yes indeedy; a whole lot of adulting is happening here.  Who woulda thunk?

More to come….