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Closing the loop ( #wheresrory )

From Manitoba I am bound directly south, to North Dakota and the USA, with a brief stop in between at the International Peace Garden.


There’s beautiful grounds and a flower clock and a 9/11 Memorial (weepy, me). On exiting the Park either direction you have to go through customs… Canada treated me with suspicion on my way in, but the US official just looked at me like I might be nuts. But not dangerously so, in any case.

And then the very first sign was in MPH and everything felt like home again.

It was a relatively short trip back to Minot. Nicer weather so I could go visit the zoo (hot day, cute kids, sad animals) and back to the Scandinavian Heritage Center where this time the weather permitted a decent picture…


A bit of a turnaround to find dinner (there is construction all over Minot) but it looks like my trip is winding down. Next stop, home.