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Odd little duck

It occurs to that while Semi Random Flotsam is a highly accurate name for my largely themeless, topically-all-over-the-map blog – and indeed I am prone to being semi random in real life – I could also have named it Odd Little Duck.

I realize that heading off to North Dakota, a state known for… well , nothing really… is slightly off the wall. But driving 4+ hours north to Saskatchewan, just because I haven’t been there either… well if you aren’t sure that’s so crazy, just ask border patrol. Because THEY could not have been more confounded by the idea.

And now that I’ve spent all day in Saskatchewan in the rain, with clouds in improbable rows overhead, and a near constant confusion about kph vs mph, and the most delicious burger I have ever had (at Brown’s Socialhouse) served by a friendly girl who rather stereotypically ends sentences with, “hey?” but assures me there’s really nothing around here to do or see, and with more of the same en route to Manitoba tomorrow, I have to say….

I get it. Yes, I am an odd duckling.

But, you know… Mostly likeable nonetheless.

A prelude to tomorrow, and wide open, often emptyish spaces
A prelude to tomorrow, and wide open, often emptyish spaces

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