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Minot… Why not?

A friend of mine recently mentioned that she knows someone who is pursuing a personal goal to visit all 50 states before turning 50. It turns out this is a goal that, God willing, is easily within MY reach. I hadn’t set a time frame for it – I am fine with random and somewhat arbitrary goals but hadn’t given thought to a deadline (though 50 Before 50 does have a ring to it).

In fact, I had initially thought I might be knocking off all of my remaining states this year. My proposed drive thru Washington and Oregon will hold until maybe next autumn, because last year autumn time off was frowned upon (for reasons too ridiculous to recount) and I ended up taking the Midwest trip instead.

My long weekend to cross off North Dakota held however.

So for no other reason than that it’s there – like Everest, right? – I flew out to Minot.

The people are lovely. So are the sunflowers growing just north.


2 thoughts on “Minot… Why not?”

    1. This trip has made me reconsider my “it’s not enough to just drive through; you have to DO SOMETHING” rule. Because I went to a lot of places where there was very close to /nothing/ to do. (But still glad I went!)


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