Wading through

Photos from the 3 cameras I had with me (exclusive of the 2 my mom was toting) have exceeded what I can burn to a CD for them. Said photos have taken a ridiculous amount of time to coordinate to be almost clustered together in some kind of order (three different numbering systems, three different time stamps, I’m not even going to TRY to get them exactly right). Corrections for the one camera that decided for me that “rocks aren’t that color” and stripped out the reds; corrections for the other camera that I keep set on vivid colors (which occasionally need to be dialed back) and then the corrections for the fact that I apparently walk around the world on a slant (tilted horizons).

I’m “down” to almost 1500 photos, so just bear with me a bit longer. It’s just taking me longer than expected to wade through.

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