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A long way back

Smooth return flights. And so I return to my home state.

The license plate game is still ingrained, for the first few days, but within a few minutes of my landing there is already a shift. For 2 weeks, a license plate “of home” was a point of interest, the creation of a sense of kinship across distance.

The illusion of that fades quickly; everyone here is from here.

I return to work a day earlier than expected; the buffer day I built in, in case of cancelled or delayed flights, proved needless. (At least for me; my parents had a different story entirely.)  I don’t have to go, but I would rather save the vacation day for now. Anyway, I can’t put it off forever.

My boss is surprised to see me.

Her net project update is that there’s much to do but – considering how long I was away – I’m not that far behind on anything; the acquisition announcement caused a brief distracted hiccup. By the time I’m back, people are moving again; the uncertainty is still there but the paralysis has passed. Emotionally the uncertainty takes a toll, but physically they are re-engaged and it’s business as usual. (As usual as it can be. Sort of. Still: customers still have needs, and we exist – as long as we exist – to meet them. Ergo we cannot wallow.)

I am 2 weeks behind the grieving process, as it were, but with everyone else moving forward I can follow their lead through that part. And then suddenly everything gets incredibly busy on all of my projects, and it’s like any other day, week, month in the life.


But He is good, in all circumstances.

Meanwhile, there are a mountain of pictures to sort through, and those will take me some time.
Bear with me, I’ll get there. And I will share.

4 thoughts on “A long way back”

  1. Welcome back to the mayhem! Thanks for the travelogue, the pictures and descriptions have been great to follow along with. 🙂


  2. Acquisitions aren’t always a bad thing. I’ve been through one myself and it worked out fine!

    Right up until the time I was let go…

    Hmm. Come to think of it, maybe it’s best to disregard this comment!


    1. I’ve been through 2, and my experience is just that ‘anything can happen, and often does’ … time will tell what the shape of “anything” is in this case.


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