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Of reunions, weddings and birthdays (Day 14)

One of my dear friends from home has been out in Fort Collins, along with my sister and much of the rest of their organization for the last few weeks, and so she, my sister and I have a fun reunion over coffee.

One of my best friend’s eldest son is getting married on this day of our trip. If I had not had to book all of our NP stays at least a year in advance, with the express purpose of ending our trip with family who would already be out here, I would have been free when I received my invitation, and this morning I would be in Indiana with them (rather than in Colorado wrapping up 2 weeks of traveling). I don’t regret my trip or my family time … but today I wish I could be in 2 places at once.

My sister’s husband is shortly going to have a birthday, and they will still be in Fort Collins at the conference for it, so since we won’t be together for his day, we celebrate his day while we’re together.

And then, it is time to head back to hotels to frantically pack for my very-early flight in the morning, because the return trips: mine smooth, my parents’ an all-day ordeal, is all that will remain of the adventure we’ve had.