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Colorado-bound (Day 12)

We take the scenic route out of Moab toward 70, which proves gorgeous even if I am totally distracted by the knowledge that my company is scheduling a call for the field organization to discuss the merger for today.

I try to dial in, but the signal is lost as we enter a lesser canyon, and I accept that I’m going to have to let this go for a while longer. Still nothing I can do about this. Even if I were there, I couldn’t do anything.

This is one of our longer driving days, and construction along our route makes it feel longer. Still, it’s very scenic, even after we rejoin 70. The colors of the mountains change from red to dark, and the trees take deeper root. Our ears pop as we pass through the ski mountains in Aspen and Vail.  We take the Denver bypass toward Fort Collins. A few traffic-related detours, and we are at the hotel, being greeted as we arrive by my sister’s family.

And that is a whole different kind of beautiful.

Also, along the way we’ve been making impressive progress on the License Plate game: 4 Canadian provinces, US Govt & Washington DC, and 45 states. Along this last leg of the trip, we’ll pick up a few more of the elusive straggling states, ultimately getting all but one over the course of our entire trip: Vermont.

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