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Moab: Arches (Day 11)

This morning we have decided we’ll do the hike to Landscape Arch. It’s not a long hike, and relatively flat (as these things go) but it’s been so oppressively hot every day that we decide to start early, bypass all the stops within Arches that precede it, and spend a couple of the cooler morning hours hiking just as far as the viewpoint for Landscape Arch itself.

The scale of Landscape Arch (as large as a football field, they say) is hard to assess from the distance of the path – but it collapsed a bit more a while ago so they don’t let people walk up under it any more.

It proves a good plan; in the cool breezes of the morning we are able to do the 2 miles round trip, just to the viewpoint and back, before the day gets too unbearably hot.

Then we’re able to stop at other lookouts that make up the path back out of the park. The road to the Delicate Arch Viewpoint trail is closed due to rains overnight, which is a disappointment. But we are able to go to other viewpoints, including the hike around Balanced Rock and up to Double Arch before the sky re-opens over us.

After the park, we cool down and clean up so that we can prepare for Canyonlands By Day and Night’s Sight & Sound tour. We are able to make the “cowboy dinner” but ultimately another set of thunderstorm cells that are approaching mean that the river cruise portion is cancelled. A disappointment, but just one more thing we’ll need to come back for another time!

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