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Mesa Verde, and more (Day 8)

We leave Monument Valley early, making a (fairly) quick stop at the Four Corners monument before we arrive at Mesa Verde en route to our night in Durango, Colorado.

That’s not actually our route, but although Google will let me adjust the route to better reflect where we drove, it won’t let me EMBED the adjusted version. Sigh.

Mesa Verde is fascinating. We explore the visitor center before making a short hike down to the Spruce Tree House pueblo and then drive the Mesa Top Loop road. The whole place, from the pueblos themselves to the astonishing size of the mesa itself, is just fascinating (with more time, better weather, less of a cold, I would have wanted to do a ranger-led tour to one of the other pueblo houses – Next Trip!).

Cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde
Cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde

Then we headed on to Durango, for a nice dinner and a little scouting effort for tomorrow’s plans..

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