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Monument Valley (Day 7)

Monument Valley was one of the few things that weren’t on my parents short list for the trip, but let’s face it, that’s only because they didn’t think of it.

When I mapped out the trip it turned out that Monument Valley, in the Navajo Tribal lands, was a perfect midpoint from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to either of the stops we might have hit next. Plus… just so iconic of the west.

So naturally I got us a room at The View, which is aptly named, and set up a private tour with Navajo Spirit Tours.

View from our room at The View

This country is just too beautiful. Oh, the things God makes! And that we get the privilege to see them!

The tour itself was fabulously run and such a great experience. (Thank you, Will Cowboy, for taking us out into the back country and teaching us a little about Navajo culture.)

Then the sky opened up again, rain, thunder, lightning, the whole works, and we made it back in time to squeeze into the restaurant before they closed. We fell tired into the comfort of our room, knowing we have another drive ahead of us tomorrow…