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South Rim (Day 6)

On the whole, this day was slower-paced, as there was no rush…

and I was still pretty run down from the head cold. (Remember how a little cold wasn’t going to kill me? Probably still true but feeling less so.)

So after starting the day with a quick birthday text sent during the coffee pick-up (one of the only places there was signal to send anything), my parents and I took the shuttle along the Hermit’s Rest line – one of the most scenic in the park – and hiked back along the less treacherous portions of the rim path. (We can pretend that’s about me deferring to my parents’ age, rather than them deferring to my extreme vertigo, right?)

On my camera phone again. I promise I will get through my REAL pictures soon.

I know that I am saying very little about the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. It’s not because there’s nothing to say. It’s because words fail. Pictures fail. Honestly… just go see it!

Other observations: there are signs literally everywhere about conservation and protection of this beautiful site, and still you see refuse thrown over railings. Summary idea: we are a crap species in need of grace in just SO many ways. Also, people die every year at the GC from falling in, and yet people insist on climbing over railings, or dangling themselves over the edges for the sake of a great selfie. Summary idea: we aren’t necessarily that bright as a species, either.

After our morning hiking we rode back and had lunch in the central village, shopped for souvenirs, and then drove nearly out of the park entirely, to see the lookouts we’d missed on our way in. Then we had dinner at El Tovar, in the main lodge…

Then went back and packed because the next day we had some very definitive plans queued up.