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Jul 20 Interlude – of birthdays, business and blessings

Second post for today…

It’s my brother in law’s birthday. I think the world of my brother in law. He’s awesome. He’s smart and funny, and all indications from where I sit tell me he’s a good husband and father, and a man who loves the Lord and desires to live his faith and share it with those around him.  And I am blessed to know him. I’m so glad God has made us a family, and I love him, and I hope he knows all that. (Well, now he does, anyway.)  😀


It’s also the day that the CEO of the Acquiring Company is going to come speak to us. Midday meeting. Stress and tensions abound around me. I am curious, of course. But as much as the uncertainty shakes things around me, I am seeking the calm center of the storm, as I have been mulling a few thoughts along the way these past days…

  • That God has always shown Himself faithful to His promises. He works all things for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  He knows my needs, better than I do… can I who have seen Him deliver over and over again dare not to trust Him when this situation has arisen (again)?
  • In fact, if I really trust Him, if I really believe in His promises (I do believe; help my unbelief) then the leading emotion I would rightly be feeling right now is excitement. Because God is going to do something in my life – He is always at work in all our lives of course but I am going to have the opportunity to see it more clearly than usual. I don’t know what it will be. I don’t know that what He knows to be good will be what I interpret as good in the short term. But it will be good, because He is good. And it will bring Him glory, because He is in all ways Glorious.

So as I am going into this day, I am really thankful. I have more blessings than I know how to count aright.

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