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South Rim (Day 5)

We’d scrapped plans for a sun-up to sun-down best-of push for our first day, so slept in (missing the only sunrise we might have caught – we’ll just have to go back I guess), but getting out early enough to hike the Rim trail for a stretch before it got too hot.

Seriously, seriously GRAND

By midday my cold had wiped me out so mom and dad scouted out the laundry facilities and I passed out for a few hours, then managed to pull myself together enough for us to have a lovely dinner at The Arizona Room at Bright Angel Lodge, right on the rim.

Clouds rolled in, hiding sunset and stars, but we had a herd of elk outside our lodge and another day in the park and more to see.

1 thought on “South Rim (Day 5)”

  1. I know how it is having a rough start to the day but regrouping for a lovely dinner. Spending it where you were with all that beautiful scenery and the experience of being where you were and with whom . . . special!


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