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North Rim and beyond (Day 4, part 2)

Before we left home for this trip, we’d made last minute adjustments –ultimately deciding to forego the attractions of Page AZ, Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell (future trip!), and instead see the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

We have a bit of back-tracking at the start – Dad asking me, at one point, if we are going all the way back to Zion – before we meet the road south towards the Grand Canyon, stopping for breakfast and coffee (and the addressing of the ever-present Gas Status Check) but a few hours later we arrive at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Nothing could do it justice. Nothing.

It’s the height of the day and there’s little shade and less breeze, but we take a couple of the shorter hikes, to Bright Angel Point and Cape Royal trail (a total of less than 2 miles combined but the sun, heat, early rise and previous drive all wearing on us)

Seriously, worth it.

Then we back track again, north out of the park, back to Jacob Lake (famous cookies; try the ones only they make, as the “unique” cookies were fabulous and the old standards, like peanut butter, were just good), west for miles across the Painted Desert and past the Vermilion Cliffs, and looping back south again to the South Rim.

We’re tired from a full day and I’m coming down with a cold, so we skip the overlooks (though it’s impossible not to be struck, even after seeing it from the other end, by even a passing look at the Indescribably Large Hole to our right), and work our way through an elk-viewing-related traffic jam, to get to our room and order in some dinner.

(Some of the worst pizza in the history of history, BTW, but we are tired and hungry and they bring it to us. Anyway, one can’t expect great pizza in the back of beyond, and I find that red pepper flakes can cover a multitude of culinary sins.)

It’s been a long travel day, and whatever plans we had for sunrises tomorrow are scrapped (thunder and this morning’s experience at Bryce as much a factor as our exhaustion) in favor of a more even pace for a few days.