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The sunrise that wasn’t (Day 4, part 1)

Dad is up early as always, but his movements get me up to check out the sunrise situation in Bryce. I slip out, letting mom – still in bed – know I have my key and a flashlight, and head out. There’s thunder and lightning (we should stay indoors) but no rain so I hope for the best.

(I needed a jacket against the morning chill, but that was locked in the car. Oh well, a little cold probably won’t kill me, anyway.)

I sit on the rim edge, watching the hoodoos take shape. The clouds on the horizon lighten as the sun beyond ekes closer to the horizon.

I keep changing places, looking for the best vantage point from this area – not willing to drive out to Bryce Point and noting the crowd already gathering up at Sunrise Point. Focused as I am on the sky, I belatedly – thankfully not too belatedly – realize that I need to pay closer attention to the uneven line of the rim as I move around, too.

Eventually I glance back, recognizing my dad by his walk before I can see him in the dim light.

We wait there for a sunrise that doesn’t come, the clouds never leaving an opening as the sun rises behind them.

Waited and waited… Couldn’t get a sunrise.

Dad and I head back, stopping to pick up coffees, and find the cabin empty, the car parked, the car keys gone. Apparently mom had also gone for the sunrise, absent a key to the cabin she’d taken the car keys to have shelter until we returned, and then passed us on her path. A worrisome time later – she with no phone, even if there had been signal – we were all accounted for, packed up, and making our long journey to the Grand Canyon.

3 thoughts on “The sunrise that wasn’t (Day 4, part 1)”

  1. See, this is my big fear. Tara keeps suggesting we get up early some weekend morning and drive out to the Gorge to catch the sunrise. Only problem is, the sun is up around 5:30 this time of year. I wake up early all week – the last thing I want to do is give up a precious weekend morning of extra sleep to catch a sunrise that might not even happen. I tell her to ask me again in September. At least then, it’ll be rising closer to 7 AM.

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    1. It seems like (in theory) it would be easier to go see a sunrise before work. You know… since you’re going to be up earlier than you want to on weekdays anyway. 😉


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