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Bryce (Day 3)

We wake up early in Zion, packing and getting coffee, enjoying the early morning cool and the changing color of the rising sun on the canyon walls, so we can check out, visit the Zion visitor’s center, and head to Bryce.

And then, in the limited Internet signal available, that’s when I pick up the message that my company is being bought by one of our top competitors.


And I’m going to be gone for 2 weeks. Swell.

Well. Can’t do anything about that anyway.

So off we head to Bryce, crossing some of the most beautiful and striking countryside possible, going through Red Rock country and arriving late morning at Bryce Canyon.

Red Rock
More hoodoos than you can shake a stick at, at Bryce Canyon

In the full heat of the day we visit all of the major outlooks and walk some of the lesser trails.

Then we grab a late lunch (mom and I unable to make up our minds and ultimately splitting avocado BLTs and pulled pork sandwiches) then checking in to our cabin, which has no AC, wifi or TV, but is a short walk from the canyon rim trail.

As night descends, complete with lightning storms and unexpected cool that proves that our worries about AC are unwarranted, we chat, make plans to rise for the sunrise if the rain clears, and prepare for a long road day tomorrow.