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Zion (Day 2)

We go to get our rental car ahead of schedule, and it’s a good thing because (1) they are as inefficient as it is possible to be and (2) I failed to account for the time difference when making our schedule for the day. Which means we arrive Zion later than planned.

Plus it’s HOT like, well, the desert (which it is) when we arrive, so instead of 2 relatively easy hikes — I planned everything around what my parents might be interested in and able to handle — we do just one.

But still, we are staying right IN the canyon. It is strikingly, breathtakingly beautiful. Hot in the afternoon but cool and lovely in the morning and we adjust our plans for tomorrow to see a bit more of this park before racing to the next.

It will still not be enough. I mentally add Zion to the list of places we will try to visit again someday soon.

Morning in Zion National Park, just outside the lodge. Canyon walls rising in the background. My phone camera totally did not do this justice AT ALL.

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    1. Apparently EVERYONE was on the same vacation in the same couple of weeks (including 3 of the women I work with, one of whom was going to ALL the same places in the same timeframe, but in a different order)

      (Also, I’m being sneaky, and am already back. As usual.)

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