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Near disasters and crises averted

A couple of years ago, I went on a 3-day business trip, and came home to find my locks had been changed. I wasn’t evicted or anything, they had just changed the doors on all the units, and the locks with them. There had been a notice about it, but it was a piece of paper slipped into my door dropped off sometime during the day that I had flown, so I had missed it.

It was not a happy surprise.

So now I am just a bit nervous every time I leave, because these things can happen when a person schedules a vacation. I’m sure I’m not the only one. These things happen around here.

Like for instance, a person could come home from work just days before they leave on vacation, to find there are plans to pave portions of the parking lots, and if their car is left there while paving is going on, it will be towed. Of course, things being what they are, there would be no specifics about which lots are impacted or whether it’s one lot or all the lots in turn or what.

Plus, just a couple of days’ notice. So God help my neighbors who have taken their kids on vacation not knowing this was coming.

Another thing that might happen is that the first news about the restructure that’s been hanging over the whole department all year could be scheduled to be delivered the first day a person is scheduled to be out of the office.

Those are the kinds of things that can happen. And a person could get very concerned about it, or a person could realize that their pickup time is after the meeting and the office lot isn’t being paved in the foreseeable future and if there had been availability at one of the stops on the intended days they would have already been gone and missed the notice entirely and come back to disaster.  So how’s that for timing?

Anyway, there’s some musing for the morning. If you’ll excuse me, I have to finish getting ready for lunch with friends.

Enjoy your weekend!