there is something wrong with me

Quiet down, y’all

Which is, surprisingly, not the start of a rant about the Sniffler (joined today by a Sniffless), the Shout-Sneezer, the Serial Chip-Cruncher, Miss Obnoxious Loud Cell Ring On Her Abandoned Phone, or even Mr. Apparently Can’t Hear How Loud His Computer Is But Everyone Else In The State Can.

No, it’s not about any of the noise pollution at my office, actually.

It’s April.

It’s that April is LOUD with birthdays.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Yes, Yes. It’s your month. It’s BEEN your birthday, or it IS your birthday, or it soon WILL BE your birthday. I KNOW. I KNOW.

And hey… I hope it’s really, really happy! 😉

Have a slice! Have more than one; this cake has no calories.

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