Day 2 of conference

Pouring rain in NYC on my way. Get out of the parking lot en route to the train station, only to realize I forgot something I need. Drive back, run back in, start again. Get 3 blocks from home and draw a blank on the route to the train station (too early, too little coffee). Get GPS hooked up. Forget that GPS is temporarily set to avoid highways. Take the long way. Miss the train. Catch the next one. Realize I left my umbrella back in the car. Worry more than is warranted about whether I parked in a legal spot. Get a cab. Make it to the meeting on time. Enjoy the conference but get 60 emails about projects waiting back at work. End conference. Get a cab. Catch the train. Car is fine. Get home. Work on work. Shower and change. Promise myself I will get laundry done this weekend. Go on second date from speed dating, which is really a fifth date because we dated before, 5 years ago. Decide it’s too late to work out. Drop an email to Sis. Scan Facebook. Post a blog post. Go to bed.