Revisited: Speed Dating

So a girl at work and I went speed dating tonight. Last night, technically. I mentioned it as a-thing-I-did-once-and-didn’t-hate, she jumped on it, we went. Good times.

Recap: 8 dates later — a lot of “no thanks,” a bit of “absolutely not,” a hint of “well, who knows” and one very loud “Oh My Goodness!”

Because a guy I met previously, dated briefly, stopped dating, gave up dating because I couldn’t deal (like, seriously couldn’t deal) with having even maybe hurt him, thought about dating again but decided that would be too complicated…

…was there.

We talked. It was nice. And he might end up dating my colleague. And I would be happy for them. But I might also have a few other feelings about that, that I should probably sort out.

Yep. I’ll get on that. For right now, I am feeling a lot of feels for a Monday night. Uh, Tuesday morning, technically. I’m going to bed.

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