It’s weird how the time goes

My college class is planning its 25th reunion, and it feels weird.

My “little” cousins are marrying and having babies, and it feels weird.

My friends’ kids are married or marrying or pairing off, and it feels weird.


I’m currently a few years out from a Big Round Birthday. I’m not terribly troubled by it, but there is a certain level of surprise at the passage of time.  I don’t feel it go, but I invariably look up on a Sunday, surprised that the weekend is over … frequently look up from my desk on a particularly busy day and am surprised at the hour.  Then the notice of the marriage, the baby, the reunion, the new(ish) girls my friends try to wrap their minds around as potential daughters-in-law. Things change — hopefully in good ways, wonderful ways, but still — it’s change.

The time goes, and it’s not bad. But it feels weird.


2 thoughts on “It’s weird how the time goes”

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by the passage of time. It’s been a recurring theme in my life and one that takes on greater prominence with each, eh, passing year. .


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