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Mar 16

I’ve not been blogging because most days I feel like I have nothing to say.
I am not saying anything, and yet I am tired of my own voice.

But there is this: I spent Sunday with some of my dearest friends, celebrating a birthday. [TODAY is the actual day… Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!]

To cap off what would have already been a wonderful celebration, two of our Fine Young Men were newly home and I was in preparatory tearfulness on my way over, and then it turned out the Third Fine Young Man had also come home and surprised us before I even saw the others and that was pretty much it.

(Weepy, me. I know, I know. It takes so little.)

I am hoping to get together with these Fine Young Men in the near future and hear about their adventures and what the Lord taught them along the way.  (I may be tired of my own voice, but I’m not tired of His.)

Signing off for now.
Maybe more, maybe soon.
We shall see.

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