In text speak: 4 4 4

It’s not a resolution; it’s more a matter of January 1 being the official end of a string of holidays.

It’s not a goal; it’s a system for better living. (Thanks Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays)

It’s not about “looking thin” or whatever, but about living a healthy lifestyle.

But the nice thing about Jan 1 is that it makes it easy to count the days.

So I know that as of yesterday, I was Four for Four.

Four days into the year.

Four days of being back on track, and fitting in 30+ minutes of exercise.

And my mood is better. My mind is clearer. One good decision builds on another, so I’m more encouraged to make smarter eating decisions.

And (filed under TMI) already the hot flashes are markedly less frequent and less intense.

Excuse me. I have to go make it 5 4 5.  🙂

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