faith, flotsam

No, thank YOU

I am more blessed than I have ever, will ever, could ever deserve.

I have a wonderful family and got to spend Christmas with my Mom & Dad, my Sis & BIL, and my sweet and beautiful nieces.

I have a wonderful extended family of friends that I love.

I have a job that I don’t always love, exactly, but it’s a company that acts with integrity, towards its customers, partners, employees and stockholders — and I genuinely like and respect the people I work with day to day (Anyone who’s ever worked in another environment knows: believing in your company and liking your colleagues makes a world of difference.)

And so far that job meets my financial needs. plus a bit left over — to do something like bless someone else over the holidays.

And I needed that, this year. As much as I can look at my life objectively and know I have no reason to be depressed the simple fact is, I was pretty far down a dark hole coming into the holidays. By the sheer grace of God, my family and my friends shine the Light into that darkness, but it’s still been there, lingering in the background.

The Bloggess always says that depression lies and I know all too well that it does (and does it very well). Over the last 5 years she’s also been using the proceeds from her blog to help a number of worthy groups such as Project Night Night and Heifer International. And that turned into the most amazing outpouring of people-helping-people. It was completely addictive, like crack, only much better for everyone involved.

So for the holidays I helped someone else, in my (really very) small way.

I don’t say that because “Yay me.”  Not at all. (Please, no.)

I say that to say, “Thank you” to Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, and to the good people at Heifer International and Project Night Night, and all the Bloggess’ Strangelings who helped (far more than I did, and collectively moved mountains) and most of all for all of those who reached out for help and let us come alongside you. We are not meant to walk this life alone, and you have no idea how much being able to walk beside you for just those few tiny steps on your journey helped me cut through the dark and the lies in my own head.

Thank you. Thank you, and God bless you.

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