flotsam, peeves


You can skip this one if it’s going to weird you out. I totally understand.

About two years ago, I started having occasional hot flashes. (Seriously, if you don’t want to stick around for the rest of this, I understand.)

Still here? OK then… you were warned.

So I started having occasional hot flashes about two years ago.

And then I had all the medical weirdness, followed by hysteroscopy and minor surgery for problems that first were, and then were not there… And then I started exercising regularly, which (a) made me aware of how long it takes to burn off calories and (b) really took a chunk out of my mindlessly-eating-in-the-evening time… And that added up to my eating less (or less junk) overall, yielding a net weight loss…

And in all that time, not only did I have more energy and feel better overall and deal much better with my stress… I also had no hot flashes and no night sweats.

Not once.

It was great. In that way that things are often great and you don’t realize it until they stop being great.

Then I went on vacation and came back off balance and out of sorts and plunged back to work and then had Thanksgiving with Christmas hot on its heels and I got myself into a holiday funk and pretty much stopped faithfully exercising or watching what I ate (both of which were of course only going to exacerbate my crap mood)…

And then the night sweats started kicking in, and then the hot flashes started up, and it’s only just today occurred to me that the dizzy feeling I’ve been having intermittently since I got off the ship at the end of October is probably also a hormonal thing.

OMG. I’m old, and I’m broken. Or at least my internal thermostat is.

But I’m sincerely hoping that diet and exercise are going to help… well, if not give me a miracle-cure-slash-reprieve, at least to help alleviate some of this.

And if it doesn’t… dear God, let me be one of those lucky “two years of hot flashes” women — unfortunately my odds are not good in this respect — because if this is a 15-year sentence  I don’t think I’ll make it.

2 thoughts on “Oversharing”

    1. Yeah, that is something different.

      I’m of the opinion that office arrangements should be less around who-does-what and more around factors like
      “who can or cannot tolerate noises” (SHHHH!) and
      “who tends to run hot” (AC on for you guys) and
      “who tends to run cold” (extra heat for me up until recently, and
      “who-for-some-number-of-years-is-likely-to-fluctuate-all-day-long” (temp set to 68 and can’t be adjusted bc no one is going to be and stay happy regardless of the thermostat)


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