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Across the Tasman

There isn’t much in the way of pictures for the next 2 days on board, because it’s largely windy and rainy on top of far-from-land, and thus for the most part, not much to see outside. I join Alan for the Captain’s Luncheon, as promised. It’s a private event for the 40 or so Most Cruised passengers (and a guest as desired, which is why I am there). For every 6 passengers, one of the senior staff joins the table. At ours, that’s Antonio, the senior Engineer, originally from Italy and scheduled to retire there next year. He and Alan talk “ship” and we cross-talk with the other passengers.

It’s a lovely meal, one of the best on board.

Good Lord, it’s offensive how much food we are offered, and at how many different venues.

Afterward Alan suggests I join him the next day for High Tea, on his balcony up on Riviera deck (I initially accept, but ultimately don’t go) and we go our separate ways again.

The following day, I have lunch with Carol, from my assigned dinner table, who is incredibly friendly and fun. We go to the on-board trattoria for pizza – it’s good pizza by many standards but I live in the NJ/NY region where we can easily get truly great pizza and am thus a bit of a pizza snob. But the company is good so I have no complaints.

And at one point, the sun almost comes out long enough to make it worthwhile to brave the wind, so I go out on deck, to the far back of the ship. There, I discover that I have the entire expansive view all to myself. It’s still cold and windy, and the rain returns, but for that short window, it’s lovely and peaceful and all mine.

But both of these at-sea days are early ones for me. I just don’t enjoy the on-board entertainment all that much.

Tropical Blend Mocktail (Orange, Passionfruit and Pineapple Juice etc blended with ice).  Refreshing fruit goodness.  (photo: aka gringita, 2014)
I do however enjoy these very much… Tropical Blend “mocktail” (Orange, Passionfruit and Pineapple juice etc blended with ice). Refreshing fruit goodness. (photo: aka gringita, 2014)

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