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Another odd thing

And after my mixed-review shore excursion the next odd thing for the day is that later than evening, when I joined the gang for dinner, Steve seemed to be flirting with me. I know, that probably doesn’t sound like a calamity to you, but trust me… I’m already flirting-impaired. I am not remotely looking for a shipboard flirtation/short-term romance/fling/whatever.

So this is just awkward for me, all the way around. But OK. It’s just a little bit of flirting over dinner. Not a big deal, right? Even if it IS someone I’m assigned to see at dinner literally every night?

Then after dinner, since I had lost my Wii Fit Meter (I supposed in the Theatre, while waiting for my excursion to Christchurch), and since he was planning to go see the show there right after dinner, he went with me.

I did not find the missing pedometer, but did stay for the show.

Steve sat with me.

And after the show, tried to hold my hand and lead me out to whatever the “next” entertainment of the evening might be. Tried to buy me drinks. Tried to continue to make plans with me…

Like it was a date.

Which, no offense of course, but it was not.

Not sure how much wine-at-dinner had contributed to that misperception… Whatever the case, I had had a rather trying day, and a bit of a headache, and excused myself for an early evening, pausing just long enough to wish a fond farewell to Dede, Stacey and Sheila, who were getting off the next day in Port Chalmers/Dunedin.

Quiet on the deck as a cold windy evening falls (photo: aka gringita, 2014)
A respite from this day – quiet on the deck as a bitterly cold and windy evening falls (photo: aka gringita, 2014)

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